Website Localization

Website localization means adapting an existing website for a foreign-language environment, such as an overseas market. Studies have shown that to truly unleash the effectiveness of the Internet in overseas markets, your presence must be in the language of that market.

That means localizing your website, and tailoring the language and content to meet the needs of each market.

One Vendor, One Solution

Localizing your Internet presence has traditionally been troublesome and time-consuming. No longer. One of the very few companies that truly combine language and development capabilities, MHT Corporation can offer you a one-stop solution. That solution combines outstanding language services with advanced design and technical capabilities. We'll use our own proprietary tools specifically designed to facilitate multilingual Web development, to give you faster turnaround and lower cost. The result? A high-quality, global Internet presence delivered on time and on budget.

The MHT Corporation Advantage

Used individually, MHT Corporation's services can be valuable resources for your global strategy. Deployed together, they are an irresistible force for market entry. Integrate our unique combination of language, design and technical capabilities for a complete global solution. For example, MHT Corporation is not only able to meet all your Web and e-business requirements, from back-end database programming to front-end graphics production, we have the tools and expertise to do so in multiple languages.

Why rely on a monolingual Web design house-which will simply subcontract the foreign-language components-when MHT Corporation has the ability to give you the complete solution with full quality and cost control?

We can also help you use the site to interact with your overseas clients, offering you an array of options for dealing with foreign-language inquiries.