Investor Relations

Whether you are a publicly trading company or have your initial public offering in sight, investor relations (IR) has emerged as one of your most important management tasks. Not only do you face an increasingly strict regulatory environment, the best of your competitors will be seeking to go beyond minimum disclosure requirements to meet stakeholder expectations for maximum transparency.

For companies operating in international markets, this disclosure often needs to be made in multiple languages.

For fairness, foreign-language versions must be made rapidly ready for release. In Japan, in particular, foreign ownership of Japanese stocks has increased by an order of magnitude over the past decade and a half, and providing disclosure in both Japanese and English is now an essential component of IR in Japan.

Starting from its earliest days of writing and translating annual reports for leading Japanese companies, MHT Corporation has built vast experience in multilingual investor relations. Our IR professionals can help you produce press releases, annual reports, factbooks, corporate profiles, and CSR reporting, all in the language of your market, and our teams of designers and Web developments can help you publish your documents in both print and Web formats.